Reflection: Student Ownership What We Know About Land and Water - Section 3: Whole Group Sharing


As students share their thinking and prior knowledge, there are bound to be erroneous or partially correct ideas shared. I always include all ideas shared by students on our class posters. Doing so shows students that I value their contributions to class discussions and allows us the opportunity to review and revise student thinking in future lessons. I inform students that the posters represent our best thinking at a particular point in time and that we may need to change our thinking as we continue to learn. Throughout the unit, I encourage the students to modify our class posters as they learn new things. Many students will modify an existing idea, delete their contribution completely, or add new learning to the posters. This process encourages students to be open to new ideas and comfortable revising their thinking as they gather new information. 

  Erroneous Ideas on Class Posters
  Student Ownership: Erroneous Ideas on Class Posters
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What We Know About Land and Water

Unit 4: Land and Water
Lesson 1 of 18

Objective: SWBAT describe what they know about land and water and pose questions to investigate.

Big Idea: Land and water interact in complex ways that affect life on Earth.

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