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One of the biggest challenges I have experienced as a science teacher this year is preparing for upcoming science investigations while allowing students to drive the inquiry process.

So, today, I decided to hide several of Erosion Control Materials under a "mystery cloth" (Erosion Control Materials Hidden Under a Cloth). I wanted to make sure that students were able to independently use their online research to develop their own investigative questions, such as, "How will a rock wall barrier effect the amount of soil that erodes away in a stream table?" or "How will vegetation effect the amount of soil that erodes away in a stream table?" 

When collecting supplies, I anticipated the list of erosion prevention methods that students would come up with during their research and did my best to collect the needed materials (Erosion Control Materials). Later on, when students contributed their ideas to the class list, I was AMAZED that student suggestions matched up so well with the hidden materials! 

By keeping the materials secret, I was able to successfully allow the students to drive the inquiry process today! 

  Providing Mystery Materials
  Student Led Inquiry: Providing Mystery Materials
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Investigating Erosion Control Methods

Unit 3: Earth Systems
Lesson 16 of 16

Objective: SWBAT research and investigate a variety of erosion control methods while observing how Earth's systems interact to either cause or prevent the erosional process.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students conduct investigations to test erosion control methods. Then students compare models to determine which method most successfully prevented soil erosion and to discuss how Earth's systems interact during the erosion process.

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