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One of my all time favorite resources is The Private Eye program. I am lucky enough to live in the state where the creators and authors of this program reside. They even came to my school many years ago to do a training for us!! They are the nicest of people and so excited to share their vision of how writing, art and science are intertwined.  

I have a class set of loops in my room and we use them all the time.  I love the way the concept of looking at something close up can open up a new world to a child.  Not only does it offer a child a new perspective on what they see, it brings to light those questions that are critical to a scientist...What does this remind me of? What else does it look like? 

These questions instantly without question lead a scientist to begin to compare and contrast what they are observing and connect it to anything they have prior experience with in their own personal life.  These questions and ultimate connections then lead to theories and hypotheses.  

Not to mention the connection to scientist are strong, but the connections to Robert Marzano's work (Classrooms that Work)  is also strong.  Comparing, contrasting, classifying, analogies and metaphors are the second in a list of ten highly effective strategies that Marzano's work has proven raise learning and test scores in students.  

How can you go wrong with so much behind you? 

  Writing Across the Disciplines: The Private Eye
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Scientific Analogies

Unit 4: Unit 4- The Alpine Mountain Environment
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Objective: SWBAT make observations of an object in nature and describe with scientific analogies.

Big Idea: Scientists use analogies to describe and classify discoveries every day. Learning to use those connections can help to compare models to everyday objects.

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