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Just like how you set up expectations in a science lab, it's important to set up expectations for outdoor learning. On a few occasions, I have forgotten to discuss my expectations for my students when we do an activity outside. This of course led to students wandering around and not focusing on the activity. 

As I explained in the narrative, I use a strategy called CHAMPS, which doesn't necessarily need to be the acronym that is always used, it's just one that the students are comfortable with. Before we head outside for the activity, I go over our "CHAMPS" list: CHAMPS Expectations for Outside Learning The students and I come up with this list together because it's also important for them to take ownership of these expectation. During our outdoor activity, I remind the students of what the expectations are if I see that they are off task or not participating. 

I also use Class Dojo for class incentives, so if I see that they are following our CHAMPS expectations, I give out points and if they are not following the expectations after a warning, I take away a point. I try to focus on giving the positive points since that seems to motivate the students when they hear the "ding" from my phone or iPad.

Class Dojo is a behavior management tool for the classroom. Each student has a profile, complete with their own avatar to which teachers can assign positive and negative points throughout the lesson. Here's a great video that explains Class Dojo.

  Shared Expectations: Setting up expectations for outdoor learning.
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Rotation and Revolution of the Earth around the Sun

Unit 2: The Sun and Earth Connection
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate the movement of the Earth around the Sun.

Big Idea: The movement of the Earth around the Sun is the basis for understanding other solar system patterns that relate to day and night, the length of day, shadows, eclipses, and other phenomena.

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