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Unfortunately, I did not plan enough time for the final piece of this lesson.  This really should have taken place the next day to really allow the children the complete time they needed to write their sentences and make it through the sharing phase.  

Sadly, the timing of this lesson was also the day before the Christmas holiday began.  There was too many other activities happening on this day to follow up.  I plan to try and have the children finish this when we return from our Christmas holiday.  I may have to do it with all the children together, rather than in their individual teams.  The break may be too much time to remember the entire procedure.  With leading and prompting from me, I may be able to elicit the information and trigger some memories.  

  Adjustments to Practice: Adjustments
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Can we save this Mountain?

Unit 4: Unit 4- The Alpine Mountain Environment
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT create a plan that will prevent a mountain slide.

Big Idea: Mountain slides are real and dangerous. Using science and ingenuity to prevent them is one preventative measure that can be explored.

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Science, Mountains, bears
  50 minutes
oso landslide
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