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Anytime you can reinforce with students that scientists need to be skilled at writing, reading and mathematics and have a solid understanding of the past, you have solidified the need to be a well rounded student.  

This plays to the advantage of the teacher as well.  It offers opportunities for teachers to weave the learning of science into other curricular areas and reference it through out the teaching day.  In a sneaky and overt way, the teacher can continue to teach science throughout all curriculum's.   

  Cross Curricular Connections
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Cross Curricular Connections
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Can we save this Mountain?

Unit 4: Unit 4- The Alpine Mountain Environment
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Objective: SWBAT create a plan that will prevent a mountain slide.

Big Idea: Mountain slides are real and dangerous. Using science and ingenuity to prevent them is one preventative measure that can be explored.

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oso landslide
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