Reflection: Checks for Understanding There is a Glacier Melting in the Classroom! - Section 3: Our Final Discussion and Assignment


My students did a fine job with collecting data and noting times and observations. I have seen good progress in their ability to be able to concisely talk about what they see, using precise language now. It is the middle of the school year and this progress is notably what I had hoped for. Student samples show their abilities and show me what I need to adjust and improve on as well.

  Data and Student Work Samples
  Checks for Understanding: Data and Student Work Samples
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There is a Glacier Melting in the Classroom!

Unit 4: Weathering
Lesson 4 of 15

Objective: Students will discover how ice changes the landscape.

Big Idea: Students observe a mini glacier and how it demonstrates how ice can move and change the Earth's landscape.

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Science, weathering, glaciers, Language Arts, engineering, soil
  110 minutes
glacier 2 placed on the edge of the
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