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With Interactive Science Notebooks I use a lot of glue. I have found that glue sticks only keep things glued for a few weeks. If it is your intention to have your students use the "stuff" in their Interactive Notebooks for the entire year, then you will want to switch to white glue.

Students naturally think that more glue is better. To combat this I have a class set of small 1.25oz white glue bottles. With a smaller bottle the kids are less apt to use too much. About once a week I have a student refill these small bottles. To stop the tip from crusting over I open up the bottle and smear vaseline inside the tip. Now the tip will never dry out.

You will want to train your kids early in the year to encourage proper glue usage. To remind them of their glueing technique I have the following reminders:

  1. "Ozzers are losers."
  2. "Dot, dot, not a lot."
  3. "Make a line, keep it fine."

They sound utterly silly for an eighth grade classroom, but they work with my kids.

  Classroom Setup: Glue
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Chemical Bonds Lab

Unit 5: Chemical Reactions
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to discover what type of bond (ionic, covalent, polar covalent, metallic) holds atoms together by experimenting with three substances (epson salt, sugar, iron filings).

Big Idea: Learning about bond types is more engaging when students can experiment for themselves.

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