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I often use the Plus/Delta strategy as a closure for lessons. Prior to becoming a teacher I worked as a software engineer. At the end of each project we had a team meeting to record our Pluses - what was good about the project and Deltas - what we want to improve upon for next time.

I have ported this strategy for continuous improvement into my classroom. As part of a whole class discussion we list the Pluses and Deltas for lessons. As I listen to students list what they like and do not like, I have a target list for improving the lesson design.

We do not take time to Plus/Delta every lesson. I will take the time if students need prompting to reflect on their learning as a class or if I sense that changes might be needed for this lesson in the future.

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The Great Fossil Find - Working as a Paleontologist

Unit 2: Earth Science
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use the scientific problem solving process to explore how paleontologists solve problems and answer questions about the natural world.

Big Idea: What we know and understand about the past can change as we discover new information.

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