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The goal of partner appointments is to allow students to practice problems, but in an engaging, productive manner.  Students are able to work with their peers to better understand the concepts, in this case various topics from the first semester.  I find that this is especially helpful for my English Learner students who tend to partner with students who can help explain the process in Spanish.

When I have students do partner appointments they begin by making as many partners as instructed.  In this case they make 6 appointments.  I give students a few minutes to find partners and write down the partners name next to the appointment number.  This video Introduction to partner appointment shows how I explain to students how to make appointments.

I then play "matchmaker" and have students raise their hands if they are missing any appointments and match them up.  If it is an odd number class then I have one group of 3 for each appointment.  This video Making partner appointments shows how I match students to make sure that all students have partners for each appointment.

When the activity starts I remind students that the goal is to work with their partners to solve the problems and that they should make sure that both themselves and their partner can explain to me how they solved the problem. 

I then have students go to their first appointment and answer the questions with their partner.  I encourage them to not only write down the answer with their partner but also to give the rational for the answer.   Depending on the problem/number of questions I give them about 5-10 minutes to work with their partner. 

As students work I walk around and make sure they are working together.   As most students are completing the problems, I go over the answers to the problems and have them all check their work.

When student are done with the first appointment I have them thank their partner and have them go to their next appointment and continue until we have completed all appointments.

  Routines and Procedures: Partner Appointments
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Semester Review Questions

Unit 4: Unit 5: Stoichiometry, Chemical Reactions, and First Semester Review
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to recall information from semester one through performing practice questions with partners.

Big Idea: Chemistry is a complex area of study and it is crucial to spend time reviewing previously learned concepts prior to the final exam.

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