Reflection: Intervention and Extension Language of Algebra with Real World Contexts - Section 3: Independent Practice


This year I have decided to use Khan Academy at times for the following purposes:

  • As independent practice for individual students
  • To promote fluency with skills and operations 
  • To support MP6 (Attention to Precision): Students have to complete 3 in a row correct, 5 in a row correct, or whatever the exercise indicates.  
  • As a way to practice working on the computer to prepare for the PARCC exam

In order to make this work, I created classes with codes at the beginning of the year.  Khan Academy provides instructions. My students assign me as their coach, so that I can see that they have completed the practice and how they performed. I do not link the practices in their agenda because this makes it difficult for me to work as their coach.

In class, I provide the names of the exercises for students to enter into the search in Khan Academy to find the specific exercise that I want them to complete. My students login to Khan Academy using their Google login. Then, they search for the exact title of the exercise.  

I sometimes assign videos for students to watch in Khan Academy. When I do, I indicate the exercises with asterisks and the videos with arrows.  In today's lesson I did not assign any videos. But, I allow my students to watch the accompanying Khan Academy videos if they are struggling with an exercise.  

  Choosing to integrate Khan Academy into my course
  Intervention and Extension: Choosing to integrate Khan Academy into my course
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Language of Algebra with Real World Contexts

Unit 2: Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT Translate words to math and math to words using correct operations, grouping symbols, and powers.

Big Idea: To Bring the Language of Algebra Alive in the Context of Real World Scenarios!

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Expressions (Algebra), Math, Inequalities (Algebra), Introduction to the Language of Algebra, equation, Khan Academy Practice
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