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I have found that some students are more careful about the completion and accuracy of their work when they know it is going to be reviewed by their peers.  This is one of the reasons that I have the students trade papers during this activity.  I also have them trade papers because it provides them with extra practice in identifying controls and variables and the students focus in on determining the correct variables for their classmates because I create a climate of cooperation instead of competition.  The students know that I expect them to be polite and constructive without simply telling the other person they did a good job.  The students are working as a team to develop the correct answers.  This is also accomplished by the accountability that is placed on the person reviewing the information.  Having the students write a paragraph response requires them to do more than just agree with the author of the paper.  The paragraph requires that evidence and suggestions be used.  Additionally, accountability comes into play considering the students know that their feedback will be graded based on accuracy.

  Holding each other accountable
  Accountability: Holding each other accountable
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Variables and Hypothesis

Unit 8: Science Fair
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT identify the variables and hypothesis for their individual science fair experiments.

Big Idea: This lesson provides students with a review of identifying variables and creating a hypothesis prior to identifying the variables and hypothesis for their own experiments.

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Science, hypothesis (Scientific Method), dependent variable, independent variable
  40 minutes
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