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After teaching the lesson, I realized two things I would do differently the next time I teach the lesson. 

The first being, the tin trays are flimsy and difficult to manage.  I would not use those again, but would rather switch to the the painter trays that you use when painting a house or room.  (In the Human Factors lesson, I do switch to these trays and they do work better).  

The second thing I would change, is rather than using the water poured down the mountain, I would have the kids use ice cubes.  I think the ice cubes would be a much more gradual melt and simulate melting snow better than a gentle pouring of water.  

  Adaptions Make it Better
  Organizational Systems: Adaptions Make it Better
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OH!! No, the Mountain is Blowing Away!!!

Unit 4: Unit 4- The Alpine Mountain Environment
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT explore and experience simulated weather on a mountain that will demonstrate erosion.

Big Idea: Understanding how weather can affect the appearance of a mountain is challenging. It happens slowly, but can have a huge impact on the mountain afterwards.

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Science, Mountains, bears
  70 minutes
wind and dust
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