Try Something New: A Nutritious Celebration

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SW try new fruits and vegetables. SWBAT describe their favorite food sample in expository writing using supporting evidence.

Big Idea

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet.


10 minutes

To begin this lesson, I ask students to review the fruit and vegetable checklist that they completed in the previous lesson. I provide time for the students to share their experiences of selecting fruit or vegetables for the day's lesson with their peers. Sharing these experiences helps students to make personal connections to their learning. 


30 minutes

For the exploration portion of the lesson, students will be tasting fruits and vegetables and recording their impressions of each sample on the compare and contrast writing graphic organizer. I begin by preparing the food samples for the students (see the reflection on preparing for the Try Something New event). After each student has a plate with all the food samples, I guide students through the process of tasting new foods. I ask students to taste the same food at the same time. Keeping the whole class together in this activity allows me to monitor the students and to provide ample time for written responses.

For each food sample, I ask students to try a small bite and to record their thoughts on the graphic organizer. A video explaining how I use this pre-writing tool can be found here.

Expository Writing

60 minutes

Next, I ask students to review their pre-writing tool and to select a fruit and/ or vegetable that was their favorite and least favorite. I inform the students that they will be writing an opinion piece expressing why their chosen fruit or vegetable was their favorite or least favorite. I require students to use the sensory details from their graphic organizer to support their opinion in their written work.

To help students with the process of translating their thoughts from the pre-writing tool to paragraph format, I provide them with the paragraph outline graphic organizer. My goal is that all students are able to write two complete paragraphs that utilize supporting evidence from the pre-writing tool to support their opinions. I use these paragraphs as a writing assessment.