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Notice on the rubric that I have not included a section that specifically says " Connection to the Real World." I did this purposely, even though I am informally looking for their connections at this point. This skill of connecting a scientific model to the real world is in its baby stages. Using data, comparing what we did, and all of the writing expectations are not. They are developing. I feared putting the extra expectation on the rubric because I think that this element of understanding needs to be gently guided. NGSS levels of rigor and depth are great, but, this level of thought process for a fourth grader is a gradual process. So, as you will see, the rubric will support and serve as a good measure of that gradual process.

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Making Connections Through A Written Assessment

Unit 4: Weathering
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Objective: SWBAT show their understanding of how landscape changes by writing a formative assessment connecting their previous investigations to the real world.

Big Idea: Students write a paragraph assessing that they can connect data collected from their scientific models as evidence that weathering changes the landscape in the real world.

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Science, weathering, summarizing, Language Arts, formative assessment, Connections to Real World, glaciers, engineering, soil
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