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One reason, I go back to the Page Keely books often is for my own background knowledge.  Within each probe, the possible misconceptions children at different ages will have concerning a subject are addressed. I find these explanations to be so helpful for my own planning of lessons and units. Another resource that helps me as well, is the Making Sense of Secondary Science book.  It is a terrific piece of research that explains what children are thinking in every area of science curriculum.  

I have found all of these resources to be invaluable to my teaching and preparedness. 

  Checks for Understanding: Student Misconceptions
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Young Mountain or Old Mountain?

Unit 4: Unit 4- The Alpine Mountain Environment
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Objective: SWBAT construct a theory about the age of a mountain then share that theory like a scientist.

Big Idea: Explaining your thinking takes practice and skill. This lesson offers students the chance to practice pulling their ideas together to share with others.

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Science, Mountains, bears
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