Reflection: Complex Tasks Investigating Moisture in the Atmosphere - Section 5: Explain


My students struggle the most with dew point and relative humidity of all the meteorological measurements I ask my students to learn and make in this unit. Before moving on from this lesson be sure to check for student understanding. Exit tickets, white board activities, or other strategies should be sued to give you and idea of what is and is not clear to your class. Not that you are going for mastery at this point, but you want to be sure your students have a firm grasp of RD and Dew point before moving on. 

  Struggling to get it
  Complex Tasks: Struggling to get it
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Investigating Moisture in the Atmosphere

Unit 2: Effects of Heat Energy Transfers on Earth's Atmosphere
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Objective: SWBAT explain and compare types of humidity, its relationship to dew point, the tools used to measure both, and how air temperature and humidity together impact human comfort.

Big Idea: Students make direct measurements of dew point and estimate relative humidity in this hands-on lesson.

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Science, humidity, meteorology, heat transfer, dew point, Gas Laws, Air Pressure
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