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One of nice aspects of this lesson is the the kinesthetic approach to modeling cloud formation. Gas laws can be a challenge to learn. This helps students see, feel, even hear (hiss!) the relationship of temperature and pressure.

About 20% of my students are either ELL or have special needs. Given the abstract nature of gasses our inability to interact with them as directly as solids and liquids, a lesson of this sort made the intangible, tangible. 

If you try the lesson in your classroom, make sure to check student thinking throughout as the lesson progresses to see if they can explain what is happening and can make the connection back to cloud formation in Earth's Atmosphere. 

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Cloud in a Bottle

Unit 2: Effects of Heat Energy Transfers on Earth's Atmosphere
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Objective: SWBAT determine conditions necessary for cloud formation and model the relationship between pressure and cloud formation and the relationship between temperature and cloud formation.

Big Idea: Use this fun hands-on activity to demonstrate cloud formation with your students.

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Science, meteorology, Gas Laws, Air Pressure
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