Reflection: Modeling Pangaea - Wegener's Puzzling Evidence - Section 3: Students in Action


Most students are visual learners. I try to include a video or images in each lesson as a way to engage all learners. Too often I have some students who will attempt to use the video time to disengage. So I keep the classroom videos short - 5-6 minutes or less and ask video related questions immediately following the video. Students know I will be asking questions and will stay on task during the video. In this lesson, the video serves as an opportunity to model the expectation that students will draw conclusions based on evidence in their independent work.

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Pangaea - Wegener's Puzzling Evidence

Unit 2: Earth Science
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT will use fossil evidence and maps to write an evidence based position statement defending or refuting continental drift.

Big Idea: The theory of Plate Tectonics was debated for decades. Is Wegener's evidence compelling enough to convince you that the continents have moved over time?

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