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I carefully select the websites that I use for activities such as this one.  I select websites first based on their content and their ability to convey information in an interesting and effective manner.  From there, I also check the website and make sure that students cannot simply copy/paste the information onto their documents.  Eliminating the ability for my students to copy/paste their answers requires them to think about the information as they type.  It also requires them to process the information and write it in their own words because many times they do not want to type all of the information listed on the website.  As the students type, they are able to place the documents on a split screen, so they can view the information without having to move back and forth between tabs while they work on answering the questions. 

  Eliminating the Copy/Paste Effect
  Accountability: Eliminating the Copy/Paste Effect
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More About Cell Membranes and Cell Unit Review

Unit 3: Cells
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify various elements and compounds that pass through the cell membrane and the method of transport for each item.

Big Idea: This lesson helps to emphasize the structure and function of the cell membrane as well as the processes of active and passive transport.

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