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Genius Hour is complimentary to standards-based curriculum. Not only does it promote student independence and personal accountability, students use science practices in authentic and meaningful ways. Finding time away from traditional standards-based instruction can be met with resistance by parents and administrators (never students, though!).

Genius Hour started as a project in my science classroom, grew to include a collaboration with my social studies teammate and now includes all of our 6th graders' core classes. To ameliorate the possible resistance problem at our school, we communicated with our community about how Genius Hour works as an extension for students who need more from school on the advanced end of the spectrum and as an intervention for students who need more on the other end. To see how we framed Genius Hour in a positive way, read our Genius Hour Intervention and Extension Letter. We were met with much enthusiasm - and we are meeting the needs of our students more effectively.

  Parent Communication: Selling Genius Hour as an Instructional Intervention and Extension
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What Do You Want to Learn? Genius Hour

Unit 2: Engaging 21st Century Scientists
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Objective: SWBAT explore their own passions in a creative and independent inquiry process.

Big Idea: What would you do and learn at school if you could do anything?

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Science, Physical Science, Science Skills, inquiry, Student Led, creativity, safety
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