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Every moment in the classroom is valuable, and I remind my students of this on a regular basis.  I tell my students that presentations are an important part of their classroom experience and I remind them that they spent time preparing for their presentations and that their presentations are worthy of respect, as are the presentations of their peers.  

One method I use for holding students accountable while listening to presentations is listening guides.  For this project, students help create the listening guide by determining the information they should write down during the presentations.  I do this so that the guides are relevant and authentic to them. This is also an accountability strategy, because it is motivational.

I write the list on the white board and remind students to use it as as a reminder of elements to include as they take their notes.  I also provide the students with a bit of time between the presentations, so they can write down information.

The notes students take during presentations count as a grade so I examine the information the students have written.  The students know it is graded, and this also helps to hold them accountable for listening carefully and asking questions during the presentations.  I also remind students they are able to use their listening guide as a study resource when preparing for the unit assessment. This too makes note-taking relevant and authentic.

  Keeping students on task
  Accountability: Keeping students on task
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Cell Organelle Project - Day 3

Unit 3: Cells
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify salient points in the presentations of their peers as well as deliver a presentation about a cell organelle.

Big Idea: In this lesson students present their cell organelle projects and reflect upon the presentations of their peers.

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