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Whenever possible, I have students work together to create rubrics for their projects.  In the first part of the school year, I provide the students with point values and general point categories.  Then we work together and discuss the descriptors for each category and point value.  I have found that this discussion helps increase the students' understanding of the expected outcomes of the project, resulting in higher quality projects.  Having the students collaborate to create the rubric also helps to increase student ownership over the project because they are given the power to help determine the criteria by which they will be assessed.

  Creating project rubrics
  Student Ownership: Creating project rubrics
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Cell Organelle Project - Day 2

Unit 3: Cells
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of organelle structures and functions through the creation of a project and develop a means through which to assess themselves.

Big Idea: This lesson emphasizes the importance of student input on the development of assessment in relationship to project creation.

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