Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Dunes - Section 3: Sharing the Data


My students were out of their comfort zone by having to  develop some sort of organized data chart! About halfway through the investigation, I realized they were not able to independently create a chart that would display their data clearly. My heart sank. I really thought they could do it! I thought they were comfortable enough by now with some independence. Notebooks were noted with measurements and sentences noting their observations. Only one team had devised a good chart to display their data. This was done because an above grade level achieving student took a leadership role and guided the other two to create the chart. But, she was very apprehensive.

Teamwork is still a tough thing for my group as far as independent investigations and inquiry. They want to be shown, be right all the time, and have structure every second of a lesson. While the inquiry, questioning and student led development of investigations is in the forefront of NGSS, we as teachers will be faced with this challenging transition. I need to remember that in this transition, they still need some structure to display data. This transition can take place with developing opportunity for choice for my students.

  Adjustments to Practice: Out of Their Comfort Zone!
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Unit 4: Weathering
Lesson 3 of 15

Objective: Students explore the effects of wind on sand.

Big Idea: In this math and science integrated lesson, students explore how wind affects sand by making a mini dune and exposing it to wind.

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Science, weathering, Wind Erosion, Data collection and analysis, inquiry, Weathering Investigation, glaciers, engineering, soil
  60 minutes
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