Reflection: Lesson Planning Putting It All Together: 25 Ways to Study - Section 7: Day 2: Creating a Lightbulb Graphic Organizer


I have had great success in using screenshots linked to my website as sub plans.  When I can't be in my classroom, I never want to have a "throw away" day.  I want each day to further my students learning, even when I am not there.  Thus, by taking a screenshot of my desktop or document camera, I can provide instruction even when a substitute is present.  Here is a link to an example of one of these sub plans.  I simply link the video to my website and have the sub play it on the projector.

Some benefits I have found from this are:

1.  Students benefit from hearing directions in my voice.  They know my inflection, the way I emphasize things, and feel comfortable with me.  My message can come through loud and clear.

2.  I don't forget as many things.  By speaking my plans, I find that as I teach I naturally say important tips that I may not include in typed sub lesson plans.  The natural examples and teaching techniques that I convey when talking could never be displayed completely in written form for the sub.

3.  Students and the sub can't alter my message.  With me as the lesson/direction giver, the sub can't misinterpret what I am saying and the students can't say "But the sub said....".  

4.  I don't lose instructional days!  I can leave an activity such as this for the students to complete rather than simply watch a movie or fill out a hunt and find worksheet.

  Screen Shots as Sub Lesson Plans
  Lesson Planning: Screen Shots as Sub Lesson Plans
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Putting It All Together: 25 Ways to Study

Unit 5: Energy
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: The student will be able to create and carry out an effective plan for studying.

Big Idea: Students generate 25 ways to study and practice some of these strategies as they prepare for their summative assessment. Students analyze their own formative assessment data to identify their individual learning needs and create a lighbulb graphic organiz

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