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Asking students to share their thinking opens up the risk of having students share erroneous or partially correct answers. I include all student answers, even incorrect ones, on our class brainstorm list. Doing so shows students that I value their contributions to the class discussion. This also creates an opportunity to model the process of revising ones thinking. To model this process, I revisit the student-generated list shortly after the lesson. I ask students to reread their list and to see if they would like to make any changes. I have found that students are eager to point out items that need to be removed or clarified. 

In this lesson, my students listed nutrients (e.g. specific vitamins, carbohydrates, and protein) on their list of healthy foods. In a subsequent lesson, we revisited the list and the students revised the list to include a new category of healthy ingredients.  

  Addressing Misconceptions
  Addressing Misconceptions
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Healthy Food Choices

Unit 3: Human Body Systems
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify healthy foods and describe healthy foods in expository writing.

Big Idea: Eating healthy, nutritious foods contributes to a human's overall well-being.

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