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Because it is critical for my students to learn and remember the names of major muscles in the human body, I ask students to create gestures, links to other content, or rhymes to help them remember each muscle. This activity helps increase student ownership of the task and build intrinsic motivation. 

This year, my students came up with several devices to help them remember major muscle groups. To remember the trapezius, the students colored a trapezoid on their muscle charts. To help them remember the latissimus dorsi, the students remarked that the muscle name reminded them of a dorsal fin. These devices help students access complex vocabulary and make sense of their learning.

  Remembering Vocabulary
  Student Ownership: Remembering Vocabulary
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The Muscular System

Unit 3: Human Body Systems
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT name and describe the function of major muscles of the human body.

Big Idea: Major muscle groups allow the human body to move and accomplish tasks.

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