Reflection: Routines and Procedures Cellular Respiration - Direct Instruction - Section 5: Guided Practice


This lesson reinforced my beliefs in how structures support learning.  The first time we did this activity the most advanced students figured it out quickly and my proficient students were successful by the end of the task.  This time, the students understood right away what the task was and how to do it.  The majority of the class was successful immediately and the few students that were confused suddenly realized they were confused and were able to get help immediate from me or a nearby group.  It was enchanting to hear the students accurately correct and help each other.

This makes me wonder how often the learning could be improved simply by using a routine task or activity.  I'm always trying to use new strategies to add engagement and excitement.  But this could be diminishing what students get out of the activity.  This makes me think that I should save new strategies for situation where the cognitive load is light and then repeat those strategies over and over as the complexity increases.

  Structure and Growth
  Routines and Procedures: Structure and Growth
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Cellular Respiration - Direct Instruction

Unit 5: Energy in Life: Cellular Respiration
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to read and understand the cellular respiration equation.

Big Idea: Reading a chemical formula can seem like a different language.

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