Reflection: Learning Communities Defining Impulse - Section 2: Introduction with a Ranking Activity


Looking at the ranking task sample, it's pretty evident that this student had a good idea of how impulse was linked to momentum. He was not the only student that showed evidence of prior knowledge, so my lesson went quicker than I had originally anticipated.

The quick pace of the lesson wasn't a big deal since I always plan ahead (one of the best things I learned when I was student teaching), but it did put me ahead of other teachers in my learning community. It's not a huge concern when we are not perfectly in-sync, because it seems that we fall back into sync within a few weeks. This time was no exception, as my students struggled with glancing collisions and the other class didn't need that extra time.

  Learning Communities: A day or two ahead - is it a big deal?
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Defining Impulse

Unit 5: Linear Momentum
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to quantitatively and qualitatively define impulse as it relates to momentum, force, and time.

Big Idea: How does momentum relate to impulse? Today, students define impulse and use what they already know about momentum.

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