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One of the problems I ran into when we did the photosynthesis Animoto was that the task was too complex for students. They were still working on understanding equations, reactants, products, and the big ideas of photosynthesis and they also had new skills to learn about the computer and the animoto program.  

For my advanced students it was an appropriate challenge, but for my mainstream students it was just a bit too hard. This time many of the skills and concepts were NOT new. The students were familiar with Animoto, they had a stronger hold on the vocabulary, and the could connect to the concepts better. Consequently, their Animotos were much better. I like doing the same product for each of these units as it gave me a chance to see the learning develop, but I'm going to watch in the future to make sure that complex tasks stay interesting rather than frustrating!

  Complex Tasks: Practice...Practice...Practice...
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Cellular Respiration - Movie!

Unit 5: Energy in Life: Cellular Respiration
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to use what they have learned about photosynthesis to make a creative project.

Big Idea: Make an Animoto to show your learning about cellular respiration.

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