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When the students took the photosynthesis test, I realized again how key the understanding of basic vocabulary is and how important it will be in the learning for this unit on cellular respiration.

The first two questions of the test were very basic questions about terms.

Question 1: What are the reactants of photosynthesis?
Multiple Choice - 1 point
Points Earned - Most: 1 · Least: 0 · Avg: 0.59
Question 2: Products are the subtances that go into a chemical reaction.
True/False - 2 points
Points Earned - Most: 1 · Least: 0 · Avg: 0.29

 Despite the many assignments, activities, and practice opportunities, the students still scored relatively low in understanding basic ideas.  As I looked through their animotos and their short constructed responses I realized that the students did have a good handle on the purpose of photosynthesis but were really struggling with the terms reactants and products.  Confusion on this kept the students from showing greater understanding.  

I choose to do this lightning round so that students would gain more fluency in these foundational terms. 

  Student test results
  Data Analysis: Student Test Results
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Cellular Respiration - Pre-Requisite

Unit 5: Energy in Life: Cellular Respiration
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to remember and connect reactants and products to cellular respiration.

Big Idea: Cellular respiration produces energy from food.

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