Reflection: Positive Reinforcement Native American Research Project: Lights, Camera, Presentations! (Lesson 8 of 8) - Section 3: The Tribe Shares Their Knowledge and Presents Their Book Pages


I chose to do my presentations in one day, but if you think your tribe would have a hard time staying focused, splitting it into two days is a great idea, too.  To support my students, we do little celebrations that include a cheer and a movement after each presentation.  This helps the students get a little "wiggle" time in, and allows them to be focused for the next presentation.

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  Positive Reinforcement: Presentation Reflection
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Native American Research Project: Lights, Camera, Presentations! (Lesson 8 of 8)

Unit 1: Generational Stories, Favorites that are Retold, and Native American Unit
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: SWBAT present their Native American research book page to their classmates with a clear, steady pace, and good volume. SWBAT answer questions about their tribe's topic. SWBAT actively listen to presentations, and ask questions of the presenters.

Big Idea: Congratulations! Your tribe is ready to present all of their hard work! Today, they'll share their Native American book page, answer questions posed by their peers about their tribe and topic, and practice their listening skills during presentations.

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English / Language Arts, native peoples, Writing, Reading, Presentation Skills, Listening and Speaking, research report, research (Writing Process), Literature, Comprehension (Reading), Nonfiction (Reading), project, research, presentation, speaking, listening, technology, multicultural, informational text, Native American
  60 minutes
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