Reflection: Shifting Functions: How can we describe them? - Section 2: Application: Shifting and Key Features of Basic Graphs


On the third day of shifting graphs, I still feel like I don’t have all of my students on board. My classes at this point are really struggling with me not telling them how to do things. They are really yearning for some formalized notes. Some don’t seem to be retaining the information from that first day of exploring shifting packet. Their misunderstandings became apparent to me for some in their postcard to absent student closure (see examples in the reflection below). I do believe this is an important concept, but I am going to move on at this point. I know that transformations of graphs is a common theme throughout the school year, so I if it hasn’t quite settled in for students at this point I know they will be getting the information again.

  To move on or not to move on?
  To move on or not to move on?
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Shifting Functions: How can we describe them?

Unit 1: Basic Functions and Equations
Lesson 6 of 16

Objective: SWBAT use horizontal and vertical shifts and stretching to sketch the graphs of functions and identify key features of the graphs and how transformations change these key features.

Big Idea: Students apply their newly acquired knowledge of shifting functions while reviewing how to describe the key features of the graphs.

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