Reflection: Checks for Understanding Mass vs. Weight - Section 2: Free Body Diagram Rally Coach


As I graded these rally coach activities, I found that a lot of students had one minor mistake on their free body diagrams and that in turn made all of the answers to their questions wrong. Their mistake was not having the normal force perpendicular to the surface which caused them not to note that friction and part of the normal force would cancel out and the weight and part of the normal force would cancel out, providing a state of equilibrium and not net force. I think that it was an eye-opener to students because they were able to see what happens when they are not careful in reading the situation, as seen in these student examples (Rally Coach Student WorkRally Coach Student Work (2)).

  Checks for Understanding: All or Nothing
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Mass vs. Weight

Unit 4: Inertia and Interactions
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to identify the difference between mass and weight and will be able to convert between mass and weight.

Big Idea: Students answer the question: "Are mass and weight the same thing?"

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