Reflection: Exit Tickets Free Body Diagram, Day #1 - Section 4: Forces Exit Slip


Overall this exit slip was a success. Most of my students had papers that looked like this (Forces Exit Slip- Excellent Student Work). I saw that most of my students got all of the matching forces correct. The area that I needed to focus on with students was the free body diagram as you can see with this example (Force Exit Slip- Needs Practice Student Work). 

  Exit Tickets: A Success!!
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Free Body Diagram, Day #1

Unit 4: Inertia and Interactions
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to identify the forces acting on an object, draw them in a free body diagram and identify whether the object is in a state of equilibrium.

Big Idea: Free body diagrams are a way to represent the forces that act on an object.

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