Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Setting Up an Interactive Science Notebook - Section 1: Teacher Notes


My husband uses duct tape for all sort of different projects and thinks it is the greatest stuff on Earth.  So I thought using it to reinforce the spiral of the notebooks would be a terrific idea.  So I went out to the store and bought all sorts of fancy duct tape. I didn't realize that some duct tape had filaments throughout the tape, and some were made to look good.  The fancy tape that was shiny and on smaller rolls did not stick very well.  Those notebooks are already showing wear and are crunchy when we get them out each day.  The other type of duct tape was on a larger roll.  When I looked closely, it had the filaments in it.  It is nice and secure on the notebooks, not crunchy at all either.  I think this tape will stand the test of time, just like the real black stuff that my hubby uses.  So when you look for duct tape, look for the larger rolls and most importantly the kind with reinforcing filaments.  We want these notebooks to last forever, don't we?

  Not All Duct Tape is the Same
  Adjustments to Practice: Not All Duct Tape is the Same
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Setting Up an Interactive Science Notebook

Unit 4: The Wonderful Biodiversity of Life
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Objective: The students will set up an interactive science notebook that will be used for collecting notes, gathering information, and showing other data.

Big Idea: Science notebooks rock! We can use them to make connections across all of the units we study throughout the year. But how do you set one up? Read to find out more.

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Science, collecting data, second grade, science notebook
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