Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Visually representing percent word problems (Day 2) - Section 2: Finding the missing part


I've created several videos to show how to use the various tools to solve percent problems. 


Videos:  How to use the tools for ratios and proportions. 


This will help you develop an understanding of how to use the tools.  I also used these videos to help educate the parents.  This has been a big struggle in my classroom.  The students were going home and asking for help.  The parents were not able to use the tools so they would show them the way they learned.  I explained to the students that the way their parents learned is not a wrong way, however, the way we are being asked to learn is different.  

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Visually representing percent word problems (Day 2)

Unit 3: Ratios and Proportions
Lesson 22 of 25

Objective: SWBAT visually represent percents and be able to find the missing piece when solving problems.

Big Idea: Using a variety of visual representations to solve real world percent problems.

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