Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Day 3-4: Construction of Sound Amplifiers - Section 3: Test Designs


Authenticity in learning is important, especially when it comes to engineering challenges.  Most student have Smartphones or know someone who does, so they can appreciate the need for amplification.  Along with authenticity, picking an engineering challenge that has infinite solutions is another important consideration.  Teachers want to avoid assigning engineering challenges that have a select number of predictable outcomes.  If you find yourself assigning a challenge that has predictable outcomes, maybe consider changing the materials that students have access to, or establishing specific constraints.  This will help students to build important problem solving skills and grit.

  Authentic Engineering Challenges
  Problem-based Approaches: Authentic Engineering Challenges
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Day 3-4: Construction of Sound Amplifiers

Unit 2: Scientific Measuring and Variable Testing
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Objective: SWBAT: Follow a design and budget to construct their sound amplifer

Big Idea: Providing students with time to try multiple solutions to a problem helps model how engineers solve problems and demonstrates that perseverance pays off.

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Science, mass, weight
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