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I have found this form of summative assessment to be extremely rewarding.  Yes, these take a while to grade, but it is so worth it.  Unlike a multiple choice test where you can't be sure if a student just "guessed", if they misread a question, or if your question was misleading, with this type of assessment, there is no doubt that the students' individual understanding is conveyed.  Students can convey their own unique examples and evidence of the skills that you may have never thought of.  And, students when given an open ended prompt, will go above your expectations!  Each year, I am blown away with what they produce and the pride they have when they have completed this assessment.  There is something liberating to students about determining their own way of demonstrating their mastery.  

Moreover, with the Common Core Standards for Science and Technical Subjects, this is a great opportunity to assess students on content and writing at the same time.  Students need practice with "on demand" writing pieces like this that ask them to independently demonstrate their writing ability.

While asking the students to write out their understanding of the essential question may not be feasible for you for every assessment, consider trying it at least once!  I think you will feel very rewarded that you could assess where each individual student was with their understanding of the content!

  Summative Assessment: Answering the Essential Question
  Essay Writing: Summative Assessment: Answering the Essential Question
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Energy Summative Assessment: Answering the Essential Question

Unit 5: Energy
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of how energy transfers through various systems in the natural world and write a well developed paragraph including citations of data, diagrams, and textual evidence.

Big Idea: In this summative assessment, students demonstrate their understanding of energy and scientific writing by answering the essential question. As opposed to a multiple choice exam, students can each demonstrate their understanding in their own way!

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