Reflection: Standards Alignment Temptation in the Garden: Analyzing Satan's Character - Section 1: Close reading and discussion over Paradise Lost book 1


So, my intention today was to assess how well the students could discuss the character development of Satan and talk about how Milton uses this characterization to drive his story. They really struggled with this. I think the art they are doing tomorrow will help, but I also wonder if I would have gotten better results if I had set that as a purpose yesterday instead of just general reading for comprehension.

Note to self that I will need to revisit this standard (RL.9-10.3)...thankfully Othello will give me many opportunities to do so.

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Temptation in the Garden: Analyzing Satan's Character

Unit 4: Literary: Analysis of Thematic Connections and Artistic Choices in Paradise Lost
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to analyze a complex character and his impact on the meaning of a text by participating in reading groups and discussion with book 1 of Paradise Lost.

Big Idea: Milton's dilemma: How do you "justify" the ways of God to men AND make Satan into a hero at the same time?

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