Reflection: Joy Length x Width x Height, Gives You the Vooooolume! - Section 2: Flipped YouTube Video on Calculating Volume and Singing!


I like to incorporate catchy songs into lessons to help student recall information that will support their learning.  There is an endless supply of songs and resources on the web.  In the past, students would forget the formula for calculating the volume of rectangular prisms, but since the incorporation of the song far less students forget how to do it.  In fact, students often ask me later on if I still play the songs for class, as they were engaging and useful for them.

  Using Songs to Help Students Remember
  Joy: Using Songs to Help Students Remember
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Length x Width x Height, Gives You the Vooooolume!

Unit 2: Scientific Measuring and Variable Testing
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT: Calculate the volume of rectangular solids.

Big Idea: Students learn a fun song about calculating the volume of rectangular solids that they will be singing all the way home, and possibly in their sleep.

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Science, volume, Visual Learning, mass, weight
  55 minutes
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