Reflection: Relevance What Is Sound And How Does It Work? - Section 3: Guided Research of Sound


I find that students are more focused if they see a reason for learning a certain topic.  By explaining that the information will be used for an unknown engineering challenge, there is more buy-in and focus.  Gathering information from the websites will help guide their decisions when they begin designing their sound amplification devices.  By simply introducing a challenge--without allowing students to research the topic to gain background knowledge--will most definitely result in designs that are not based on scientific principles.  The result is a design challenge that is more about having fun than it is about applying what we know to solve problems.  Relevance then stems from giving students authentic engineering challenges that ask them to apply what they know to solve a problem.

  Establishing Relevance
  Relevance: Establishing Relevance
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What Is Sound And How Does It Work?

Unit 2: Scientific Measuring and Variable Testing
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT: Explain the basic factors that contribute to sound

Big Idea: Before students make sound amplifiers for their Smartphone devices, they need to understand how sound works!

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Science, mass, weight
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