Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Making M&M Treats Part I - Section 2: Teacher Demonstration


To encourage a light-hearted atmosphere while teaching one of the most complicated strategies that these students will learn all year, I also showed students this M&M Candy video. (I may also use this video when we begin our persuasive writing unit!) 

I usually show the video right before I pass out the M&Ms. I want the students to use the M&Ms to help them reason abstractly and quantitatively (MP2). Each student receives their own Fun Size bags of M&Ms. As they work with the tasks, I will encourage them to talk about M&Ms using mathematical language (dividend, divisor, and quotient, etc.). M&Ms are very much a part of my students world, and, I want them to practice using mathematical language in personally meaningful situations.  

Extension: I asked everyone to count the number of M&Ms in their bags. Surprisingly, some students had 17 while others had up to 19! There is an interesting conversation to be had about what is a normal number of M&Ms in a packet of fun size candies.


  M&M Candies and Mathematical Practices
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: M&M Candies and Mathematical Practices
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Making M&M Treats Part I

Unit 7: Multi-Digit Division
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT solve division problems with 3-digit and 4-digit dividends.

Big Idea: Students solve division problems with 3-digit and 4-digit dividends by dividing M&Ms and using the standard algorithm.

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Math, long division, standard aglorithm
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