Reflection: Complex Tasks Using IVCDV Charts - Section 1: Introducing Variables


The IVCDV chart turns a difficult tasks into a more manageable one by giving students a structure to organize their thoughts and plan investigations.  I think that the separation of the independent and dependent variables by the constants helps students see that if you change the IV and keep everything else constant that the DV is based on the IV only.  Stating this to the students helps them remember that IV is what "I am changing" and fits in nicely when setting up a hypothesis.  The IV is always stated followed by the dependent variable.  If "I change this (IV), then "this will happen (DV)."  Using the chart alleviates confusion and supports student learning. 

  Using IVCDV Charts to Support Student Learning
  Complex Tasks: Using IVCDV Charts to Support Student Learning
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Using IVCDV Charts

Unit 2: Scientific Measuring and Variable Testing
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Objective: SWBAT: Identify the difference between independent and dependent variables, and controls.

Big Idea: Keeping track of different variables can be difficult. This lesson helps students remember the meaning of each one and how to identify them in an experiment.

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Science, Scientific Method (Science Skills), variable, mass, weight
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