Reflection: Pacing The Science of Yeast - Section 6: Evaluate (Day 2)


My plan was to follow up with slide eight.  The question was, "How does sugar affect the growth of yeast?" 

I planned to finish up with this piece and be able to have the children complete this.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time and were not able to finish up the lesson.  

When I teach this lesson next year, I will plan for three days and not two.  It just did not give enough time to complete the whole cycle. 

I also wanted the children to be able to explore the Explore Yeast website that had interactive investigations for the children to explore.  

Again, the next time I teach this, I will build this website into the lesson. 

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The Science of Yeast

Unit 3: Unit 3 - Apples, Pumpkins and Bread!! OH! My!!
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Objective: SWBAT explore, discover and develop a simple understanding of the chemical changes that yeast goes through when activated.

Big Idea: Observing and understanding the chemical changes that can happen within a chemical is exciting. Understanding what causes that change is confusing until you understand the science behind it.

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Science, yeast, chemical changes
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