Reflection: Checks for Understanding Woodland Gems of Biodiversity - Section 4: Explanation/ Construct Possible Reasons


Here are some samples of the students' work. This page of student work shows a good understanding of woodlands and then the child connects this learning to aid her in why there are more birds in the woodlands. This sample shows that the child has a good understanding of the topic, although there are some irrelevant comments at the beginning of her reasoning statement.  This sample  shows that the student does not quite understand the topic.  The first statement does not show relavant learning about the woodlands.  Then for the last reasoning section, the two ideas are not connected.  In addition, the statement does not tell WHY birds would be more prevalent in the woodland habitat.

Other possible answers might include that woodlands have a lot of trees so there are many places for them to make their homes and a place to get away from predators.

  Checks for Understanding: Examples of Work
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Woodland Gems of Biodiversity

Unit 4: The Wonderful Biodiversity of Life
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Objective: The SWBAT construct a reason to back up data of why there are more birds than any other species in the woodlands.

Big Idea: Back it up? You bet! In this lesson your students will use a model to explore the animals in the woodlands. Then they will make predictions and back up their reasoning.

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