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The Literacy Design Collaborative offers templates for science teachers. The templates are easy to understand and make grading a breeze. LDC offers templates for different types of writing. I use the templates in conjunction with Evidence For and Evidence Against   organizers. Students fill out the organizers and then use the LDC template to create a summary. The combination really works together to help organize writing and to write a well-put-together summary. The only modification I have made is to give my students sentence starters to help them start the summary. 

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What are the Effects of Nuclear Power?

Unit 5: Exploring Non-Renewable Energy Sources
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Objective: SWBAT compare misconceptions of nuclear energy in an effort to create a position on the use of nuclear power.

Big Idea: Controversial topics are fantastic position writing activities. Students analyze nuclear power and read about the Chernobyl disaster to determine their own position, based upon evidence.

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