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As with any new skill, students will need to learn through trial and error how to develop a checklist that is both helpful and includes all of the requirements.  While it is far easier to create and provide students with a checklist, it does not help the students become the independent learners they will need to be, especially in college.  

It is not important that each group creates identical checklists.  As I tell my students, there are a million ways to do this correctly.  As long as the main ideas are addressed (the 3 main parts of the project) and there is a breakdown of tasks (by day or by group member) I allow students to test how well what they created actually works.  I do encourage students to use the rubric, as well as the directions, as a resource as they create their checklist.

It is a good idea to have students critique the usefulness of their checklist at the completion of the project so they can continue to develop this skill throughout the year.

  Don't Expect Perfection With the Checklist
  Student Ownership: Don't Expect Perfection With the Checklist
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Evidence For Common Ancestry

Unit 6: Evidence of Common Ancestry
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: SWBAT create a video that explains the evidence we have for evolution.

Big Idea: Students create a video in the style of some of their favorite "YouTubers" that explains the evidence we have to support evolution.

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