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Literature is often an ideal avenue to differentiate instruction for all students.  It transports them to places they would not have otherwise gone and engages them on a level that it customized to their interests.  I see this every day when I read a book and a students makes a connection that I never thought about.  Essentially, a book can help the student process information in unique and engaging ways, ways that they choose for themselves without even realizing it.

I’ve said often that I use authors like Leo Leonni for Science lessons.  There are so many other authors that support valuable Science concepts in unexpected ways.  Take Eric Carle, for example. He uses A House for Hermit Crab to introduce the animals of the story in a very kid-friendly- and pretty accurate- way.  Does a hermit crab troll the ocean and looks for friends and negotiate with them to join his household?  Of course not.  Eric Carle does use these relationships as a way to introduce often overlooked animals like sea anemones and coral, integrate some valuable earth stewardship lessons, as well as teach children accurate representations of the animals’ habitats, all tied up in an engaging story.  The lucky beneficiaries are the students and teachers who both enjoy the learning experience.  What more could we want from a book?

  Rich Literature Deepens Learning
  Intervention and Extension: Rich Literature Deepens Learning
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Hermie's House- Create a Crabitat for Hermie

Unit 5: Awesome Animals
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: Students will use a diagram to identify elements of a hermit crab habitat.

Big Idea: Why do habitats need to be unique for different animals?

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