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Lessons grow almost organically when live animals are present.  Class pets provide invaluable motivation tools.  They help students connect to the material in ways that teachers can’t access.  With them, they better absorb what we present and often want to learn even more.  The integration of animals doesn’t need to be complicated.  I tell new teachers to start easy with something like a goldfish in a bowl.  There’s no harm in buying a 25¢ feeder goldfish to test (they understand the risks of their tenuous life!) out in class.  I’ve found the class pet collection often grows from there.  Once people find out that you will give their animals a valued home, animals are often shared fast and furious.  The integration of live animals into assessments as with this lesson gives everything context, both with the curriculum and the world ecology on general.  To encourage curiosity and respect of the animal world, we need to start with things that can observe, care for, and apply.  A lesson absorbed in the short term is a lesson shared for the long term.

  The Importance of Living Models
  Intrinsic Motivation: The Importance of Living Models
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Toad's Abode- Interior Design For Our Toad

Unit 5: Awesome Animals
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: Students create a diagram to identify elements of a Fire Bellied Toad habitat.

Big Idea: Why do habitats need to be unique for different animals?

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